Transparency Note

Hello everyone, we think you need some responses what happened in the last 2 years,  so here we go.

After the update in 2022 we received a invite to join another bigger project of other enterprise, all of our team got moved to do this job, we work there until July 2023. In this moment the time we have to UATC is just to get some bug fix updates and add just little things in the game. We needed this job, but was nice, we grow up as a team, and a family, we don’t have a lot of staff so we get better as a developers and have a great enterprise view to know what a good business need to do to be nice to your community.

After this time in  our another work we returned to UATC, but everyone had a lot of requests, and we don’t know how to solve that in a short time, so what we do? We start to make our own tools, to get easier to do anything you want, we work on that the rest of 2023, and now this tools are almost done.

Okay, but we can’t just go back in the same way we gone, we had to have some new things, get revamped, and here we are, we get more staff to work in a website and in a social media, to get a better communication with our players and show what we are looking for to the game. Now we are back, much better that when we left, we want more and take the way to the top, and we need you in this journey, our apologies for all the time out, we will reward them.

Be aware to the news in the next days, we want to be the most transparent as possible.

Thanks for all, Vector3DStudios Team.