About Us

Our story begins where passion becomes bigger than pain, where the passion for airplanes and the impossibility of piloting intersect and to keep that passion alive the idea of a game arises, with that idea a team and from that team a company. That’s how our greatest creation came to be, along with the name Vector3DStudios, Unmatched Air Traffic Control.

As UATC has grown, we’ve grown as a studio, as a family, and with this growth new ideas have emerged and new games too. Jelly Mess and Wild West Law mark our journey and show that we have even more potential to grow and reach new heights.

The UATC has changed our lives, as well as some of yours, we’ve changed and grown along with it, we believe in the potential of it all and that’s why we’ve raised our expectations for the future. We intend to expand more and more and increase the quality of our products and developments, along with what UATC is improving more and more and getting where we want, and also with the next games to come, we thank each of our players, who have followed us on this journey and inspire and motivate us every day, and we welcome the new players, who will help us to walk the path that is to come, and one thing becomes certain with all this, that together we will go further.

Thanks for everything, Vector3DStudios Team.